B2B Lead Generation Case Study on
ABM-Driven Content Syndication

Discover how our ABM-focused content syndication strategy drove increased tool
registrations and revenue for an HR tech firm in our latest case study.

We Helped an HR Tech Firm in Boosting Platform Registrations

  • Campaign Type – MQL
  • Target Location – USA & UK
  • Methodology – Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Target Size – 250+
  • Target Industry – All
  • Target Audience – Vice President of Payroll, Director of Human Resources, Director of Payroll, Human Resources Manager, Payroll Manager, Vice President of Human Resources, Head of Payroll

About the client

Our client is committed to revolutionizing HR operations through cutting-edge solutions. They have developed a comprehensive human resource, payroll, and talent management software, aimed at simplifying the employment cycle for businesses of all scales.

Difficulties Encountered by the HR Tech Firm

Our client designed a state-of-the-art HR solution to simplify and automate HR operations for businesses. However, despite their in-house marketing team’s outreach efforts and promotions such as infographics, whitepapers, and ebooks, they failed to attract high-level resource management professionals and generate new registrations effectively. The number of leads they generated was insufficient, and they faced difficulty in closing deals
To overcome these obstacles, our client sought external support for their lead generation efforts and engaged our services. They shared their HR solution’s unique selling points and outlined their target accounts, enabling us to better understand their requirements.
ArkenTech's Account-Based Content Syndication Approach for Resource Management Professionals

Key Features of
Our ABM Campaign

  • For a period of three months, we executed an MQL campaign for the client, utilizing an account-based marketing approach.

  • To promote the client’s revolutionary HR solution and highlight its employee management and payroll features, we employed content syndication as a tool for building awareness.

  • By improving the client’s brand recognition and enhancing trust among their target accounts, we generated new MQLs and significantly increased their conversion rate.


Content Syndications


MQLs Generated


Increase in Registrations

How We Grew Their Tool Registrations by 185%

After recognizing our client’s struggle to connect with high-level resource management professionals and introduce their new HR solution, we at ArkenTech devised a personalized, account-based content syndication approach to tackle this challenge. Our strategy included the following steps:

Creating an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

We gathered information about their target location, industry, company size, and job profile of ideal HR solution users, enabling us to narrow down the campaign's target audience database to approximately 88K contacts fitting their ICP.

Segmenting Content to Attract and Engage Targeted Accounts

We created varied content types to engage accounts from diverse industries and through various channels.

Generating and Filtering Leads That Displayed Interest in the Solution

We executed customized email campaigns to engage targeted accounts from different industries such as finance, education, and IT. This helped us drive interesting leads to newly created and optimized landing pages and increase the number of content downloads.

Moreover, we syndicated relevant content on websites and channels frequented by the targeted accounts to identify prospects that showed interest in streamlining their employee management processes using an HR solution. Subsequently, we nurtured these leads via email.

Using insights gathered through our automation tool on each account's activities and engagement behavior, we were able to filter leads with higher conversion potential.

Numbers Don't Lie: Our Account-Based Marketing Campaign Results

  • By utilizing multiple channels, we effectively syndicated informative and explanatory content pieces to increase awareness of our client’s innovative HR solution.

  • Our successful campaign resulted in 3325 marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) generated for our client, ultimately leading to a significant 188% increase in tool registrations.
Multi-Channel Syndication
Increasing Awareness of an Innovative HR Solution through Effective Content Syndication
How Our Campaign Resulted in a 188% Increase in Tool Registrations
he Tangible Results of Our Campaign's Marketing-Qualified Leads

What Our  Clients Are Saying

"Our B2B business has been transformed by ArkenTech's account-based marketing strategy. By adopting a customized approach to each account, their team has increased our revenue and conversion rate significantly. They have become an indispensable partner in our journey toward growth and success."
"We have experienced a significant expansion in our B2B and SaaS audience with the help of ArkenTech's content syndication services. Their expert team creates excellent content that resonates with our intended audience and drives quality leads. We are thrilled with the outcomes and would highly recommend ArkenTech to any B2B or SaaS business aiming to expand."
"ArkenTech has been an amazing partner in our demand generation endeavors. Their team has been instrumental in expanding our brand awareness and generating new leads. We appreciate their responsiveness and reliability, making it a breeze to work with them. We highly recommend their services!"
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