Generated High-Value Leads for a
VoIP Leader

Discover how ArkenTech helped a leading VoIP company generate high-value leads and
revolutionize their sales pipeline. Read our case study to learn more.

How We Generated High-Value Leads for a VoIP Leader

A leading VoIP company was on a mission to revolutionize business communication with their cutting-edge cloud communications tech solution. They had developed a powerful SaaS platform that promised seamless, smart connectivity using the latest VoIP technology.

But they needed high-value leads to get their solution into the hands of businesses.

That’s where we came in.

Skim through this case study to discover how we helped this VoIP leader generate high-value leads for their new cloud communications tech solution.



Exposure to The
Saas platform

New Tool

The Challenges Our Client Had

Our client faced several challenges in their quest to
expand their niche and reach new heights:
  • Their traditional marketing approach of cold emailing and cold calling was falling short.
  • They were only able to generate low-quality leads.
  • The quality of leads resulted in a low conversion rate and a drop in their campaign ROI.
They knew they needed a change.

That’s when they turned to us – a B2B lead generation company with the expertise to attract and nurture high-quality leads. And we delivered.

We’ll tell you how in the next section of this B2B lead generation case study.
Attracting and Nurturing High-Quality B2BLeads

What We Did to Solve Their Problem

We leveraged our innovative account-based marketing approach to deliver high-quality leads that were primed and ready to make a purchase. These leads had shown a genuine interest in our client’s communication hub, making them the perfect fit for their sales pipeline.

Let us take you through the steps we took to deliver top-notch leads to our VoIP client:

Let us take you through the steps we took to
deliver top-notch leads to our VoIP client:
  • Target location: USA, UK, Australia
  • Target industry: All businesses (where team communication happens)
  • Target company size: 250-2000
  • Target audience job profiles: Information Security Manager, VP (IT Security), Information Security Director, CTO, and all titles with telephony
Our Expertise in B2B Lead Generation and Successful Delivery
Delivering High-Quality Leads with Precision
  • We segmented the audience for targeted content delivery and engaged them through multiple channels like email, social media, and the web.
  • We used a lead scoring system to monitor user activity and engagement to identify the ones that had an interest in the VoIP tech solution.
  • We re-engaged leads with positive behavior using personalized content through emails that targeted landing pages.
  • We delivered qualified leads to the client’s CRM. These leads had shown interest in the client’s communication hub and matched the client’s ICP.

Our Approach

Our Approach to Generated High-Value Leads for a VoIP Leader
How Our Account-Based Email & Content Syndication Campaign Delivered Impressive Results

The Results Our
Account-Based Email & Content Syndication Campaign Delivered

  • Successfully generated 1091 high-value leads using our ABM approach
  • Identified the right contacts and created new sales opportunities for the client
  • Boosted the client’s conversion rate by 165% by delivering a list of best-fit target accounts
  • Increased the client’s campaign ROI by 200% through targeted lead generation


Leads Generated

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Increase in ROI


Increase in Conversion Rate

Quote From Our Client

"Our B2B business has been transformed by ArkenTech's account-based marketing strategy. By adopting a customized approach to each account, their team has increased our revenue and conversion rate significantly. They have become an indispensable partner in our journey toward growth and success."
"We have experienced a significant expansion in our B2B and SaaS audience with the help of ArkenTech's content syndication services. Their expert team creates excellent content that resonates with our intended audience and drives quality leads. We are thrilled with the outcomes and would highly recommend ArkenTech to any B2B or SaaS business aiming to expand."
"ArkenTech has been an amazing partner in our demand generation endeavors. Their team has been instrumental in expanding our brand awareness and generating new leads. We appreciate their responsiveness and reliability, making it a breeze to work with them. We highly recommend their services!"

Expand Your Customer Base with Qualified Leads

Our proven account-based marketing approach can help you generate high-value leads and boost your conversion rate. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your business.

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